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Design & Prototype Plastic Microfluidics


  • Design and feasibility evaluation of plastic microfluidic chip

  • Material selection

  • Prototyping processes design and development


Develop Precision Moulds 


  • Micromachining of microstructured tool inserts

  • Micro/nano electroforming

  • Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) multi-scale tool

Bonding of Plastic Chips

  • UV assisted thermal bonding

  • Vapour assisted thermal bonding


Production & Validation


  • Mould design and construction

  • Microinjection moulding (with variotherm and vacuum venting)

  • Micro hot embossing/nano-imprinting


Quality Assessment


  • VHX 5000 digital microscope

  • Bruker 3D Surface measurement equipment

  • Moulding process monitoring and control

The goal of MiNAN Technologies is to bring laboratory research to mass production by resolving challenges for early stage scale-up and mass production of plastic microfluidics.



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