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Mould Tools

Our team will help customers to customized design, prototype and fabricate mould tools specially for your own application.


We are equipped with the stare-of-art electroforming system, lithography, etching, and precision machining facilities. 

Products & Service

  • Customized Design: develop special features for your mould tools;

  • Nickel microstructured mould tools: customized design and fabrication;

  • Micromachined moulds: customized design and fabrication.

Nickel Microstructured Moulds

"line-width from 10 to 300 microns, maximum aspect ratio as high as 2, and average surface roughness <50nm." 

Featured Products

Micromachined Moulds

Our micro machining service can provide mould tools with feature size from 100 microns to milimeter with 5% tolerance and mirror grade finish. Tool material is mould tool stainless steel. 

We also study muti-scale tool system including Bulk Metallic Glass moulds and Anodized alumimum oxide nano-template moulds. 


Featured Products

BMG strips in a metal mould inert

Large area nanopore template

BMG nano mould

BMG micro scale mould



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