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Expert in Polymer Micro/Nano Manufacturing

Microfluidics & Medical Devices

MiNAN Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) Microfluidic Chip

Products & Service

"design, develop, and fabrication micro/nano products in a customized method"

We offer products for life science, analytical chemistry, agro-food analysis, and environmental detection with:

  • full-scale custom microfluidic design & manufacture

  • rapidly prototype microfluidic designs with small production quantities based on PDMS casting

  • micromachining
  • precision thermal bonding to high volume scale up using precision moulds

  • precision injection moulding

  • cstom MEMS and microfluidics fabrication services

  • Design, material selection and process development

  • Micro/nano structured mould tooling development by precision micro/nano electroforming and micro machining 

  • High precision replication using microinjection moulding and micro hot embossing

  • Precision chip bonding using UV-assisted bonding and thermal diffusion bonding 

  • Injection mould development

  • Small quantity and large-quantity cost-effective production for customer validation  

Plastic microfluidic chips: design, customization, and production 

Our team has 8 years of experience to work on microinjection moulding of polymeric microfluidic chips with micro/nano features.


We can help to resolve challenges for early stage scale-up and mass production of plastic microfluidics for you.

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