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Precision embossing/bonding  

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MiNAN has developed a precision embossing/bonding system:


  • Maximum press force 20KN

  • Maximum piston stroke 150mm

  • Working height approx. 150mm (between the heated platens)

  • Chromium plated columns and heating platform

  • 180 x 180mm working area

  • Heating plate is isolated with high-temperature uniformity (+/-1 degree C)

  • High level parallelism of the upper and lower hot/cooling plate system (</=20um)

  • Cooling system 

  • Serve-motor driven system with high precision motion control (5um)

  • Multi-positions and multi-torques based control

  • Touch screen


We offer Precision bonding and surface treatment:


  • Thermal bonding

  • Solvent bonding 

  • Hydrophobic treatment


Bonding strength: ~2MPa

Bonding tolerance: <5µm



We offer micro hot embossing:


We can offer fabrication of micro hot embossing microfluidic devices by design embossing micro tools, fixtures, drilling and bonding services. 


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