"we work on your needs"

MiNAN Technologies will assistant our customers to designdevelop, and fabrication of small and precision plastic components and polymer-based functional devices, such as plastic microfluidics, microinjection mouldings, medical devices, functional surfaces, telecommunication, and etc.

You can find following specialty products here in MiNAN Tech:

  • Customized plastic microfluidic chips

  • Customizd micro/nano structured mould tooling developed by precision micro/nano electroforming or micro machining 

  • High precision replication using microinjection moulding and micro hot embossing

  • Precision chip bonding by UV-assisted bonding and thermal diffusion bonding 

  • Scale-up production via Injection moulding process

  • Small quantity and large-quantity cost-effective production for customer validation  

"professional consulting and collaboration"

  • Design & prototype plastic microfluidic chips

  • Prototype via polymeric microfluidic chip platforms

  • Plastic chips bonding

  • Material selection & quality assessment

  • Process development

  • Product design, production & validation

  • mould design and construction

  • process development
  • mass production

  • back-end services

  • contract R&D

  • fundamental research collaboration

  • application for international and local research fundings

  • & much more


We develop plastic microfluidics following process chain of application, design, prototyping, scale-up production and mass production. 


We develop micro/nano moulds based on precision electroforming and micromachining. 


We replicate micro/nano surface structures using microinjection moulding and nanoimprinting. 


We develop bonding and subsequent integration technologies for assembly and integration of plastic microfluidics.



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